Let’s face it; most of us have spent a decent amount of money on our car. Protecting it to ensure that it lasts as long as possible and stays looking like new should be a top priority. But not everyone is fortunate enough to have a garage or carport to keep his or her car, truck, SUV, or van protected while it’s parked. If you’re not protecting your car from damaging elements like rain, snow, sun, bird droppings, or tree sap then you’re neglecting your vehicle.One of the easiest ways to ensure that your vehicle is always protected is by using a car cover. Many people don’t realize that car covers are not only available for cars. Many companies create and sell truck and car cover for suv, and van covers in addition to car covers. This form of protection is a small investment to make for the level of protection you receive. Auto covers come in many different types, sizes, cuts, and prices and each one protects differently. Multi-layer one’s provide the most protection while single-layer one’s are great for vehicles that are often stored indoors. Waterproof one’s are typically manufactured with ultrasonically welded seams to prevent moisture from penetrating the barrier. Reflective one’s are a great option for vehicles in desert regions that see a lot of sun.For people who have spent lots of money on their vehicles, you might want to consider purchasing a custom-fit auto cover from a company like Covercraft. Custom auto covers are manufactured to a vehicle’s exact specifications. If your budget doesn’t allow for the higher prices associated with custom vehicle covers, consider a semi-custom vehicle cover. Semi-custom vehicle covers are less expensive than custom-fit vehicle covers but still offer the same great protection while sacrificing fit slightly. Finally, if you’re looking for a truly inexpensive solution, consider a universal or ready-fit auto cover. Universal ready-fit auto covers are typically “one size fits all” so you might experience pooling around the base of your vehicle. But at the end of the day, even a universal ready-fit car cover is better than no car cover at all.So no matter what type of element you’re trying to protect against, one thing is certain. Investing in a car cover, truck cover, SUV cover, or van cover is an easy and affordable way to begin protecting your vehicle from the damaging elements it’s exposed to every day.Curtis Phillips is an automotive industry veteran and the current VP of Sales for Select Covers. Select Covers owns and operates a network of online stores including BuyAutoCovers.com which is a leading online retailer of custom and semi-custom car covers, truck covers, SUV covers, and van covers.

You Must Have a Car Cover

As the title says, everybody needs car covers. If you look at the price of cars today you will want to keep the car you have in the best shape you can. To help you do this you should use a car cover because it will not only protect your exterior it will protect your interior as well.This article also can be interpreted to mean you should cover all your vehicles, your cars, SUV’s, trucks, vans, atv’s, snowmobiles, watercraft and more. If you plan to have your vehicle for a long time or plan to sell it in the future it is in your best interest it keep it looking like new, that way you will get the most money when you either sell it or trade it in on something new.The cover will help keep your exterior in top shape by protecting your vehicle from all that mother nature can throw at it, like acid rain, hail storms, wind storms, winter storms including those ice storms that will put your exterior to the test. It will also protect your vehicle from things like sap from the trees you park under, the bird droppings from our feathered friends that contain strong acids that can hurt your clear coat, the kids in your neighborhood that play in the street and can rub, scratch, dent and sit on your car because kids are kids. It can also protect your vehicle from all those little things like when you take the trash out and it’s hard to get by your car in the garage, or when you are cutting the lawn and the handle scratches the car as you go by, not to mention the dings, scratches and marks that you have no answer for that just show up the next time you wash the car. All these things can happen to your car or any other vehicle you have.

The next thing that your car cover can do is to protect it’s value by stopping the sun from causing the dash to crack, dry out, fade and just fall apart. Also, the seats will keep their soft and vibrant look, as well as keep all the plastic in your car like new. There are many more things a cover can help you with like keeping your interior cooler in the summer or keeping all your accessories and belongings safe from prying eyes like the new stereo, CD’s and more. All this will help to keep your vehicles value up when you sell or trade.

Covers for your vehicles can be used with a cable lock that will not only help keep your cover on in the wind but also stop your cover from being stolen.All in all in my opinion every vehicle needs a cover to keep its value and to protect it from the many hazards the world will throw at it. Yes each type of vehicle has different types of hazards to deal with but I still think a cover will be it’s best defense to help hold it’s value. In today’s world economy all of us can’t afford to be loose with our money. So for the price of a cover you will get back many times it’s value.

Why Use a Car Cover?

The first and best reason is to protect your investment. After that there are many good reasons to mention. For instance, protection of your valuables that are inside your vehicle, also the interior seats, dash etc. When you cover your car you will see that your car will last longer and stay cleaner. There are lots of different covers on the market today. There are several types of covers and makes and styles.The people that cover there vehicles come from all over the world. We receive calls from all over the world. Those calls have one thing in common, they are looking to protect their vehicles, from cars to snowmobiles. There looking for a cover that will hold up in all kinds of weather, from intense sun to a wet climate. Many cover companys offers a full line of covers to fit your needs. If you are trying to protect your vehicle from the intense sun the UV protective cover will work best for you, If you live in a wet climate the waterproof three layer or the four layer fleece lined cover will protect your vehicle.The person that covers their car, truck, van, motorcycle, ATV etc. Shows that they want to protect there investment and have it looking good for a long time. There are many other good reasons to cover your vehicles, such as keeping the show car in the garage clean by using a dust cover, these covers are best for inside storage and some short outside use. They keep the vehicle dust free and help to keep the finish safe from scratches and dings.

Covering your vehicles is a smart and inexpensive way to protect your investment. To find a cover for your vehicle on the web just use a search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Just type in the search box what type of cover you are looking for. Some examples are car covers, truck covers, SUV covers. Be sure to check for the best price and see if they offer free shipping, also check there shipping polices and warranties. Many of the sites use credit cards and Pay Pal as a way to purchase their products. You also can call them and place your order over the phone. One very important thing is to make sure you have selected the right size cover because if you have to send it back you will have to pay the shipping charges to return or exchange it.You will find that the price range on covers runs from a very high price to the very reasonable price. From my experience the high end covers are a lot of money for what they offer, yes they have mirror pockets and come in all types of colors but the warranties are the same as the lower priced covers. The lower price covers are good and they have a few colors to choose from and will protect your vehicle just as well. They offer warranties that are just as good as the big dollar covers.

SUV Cars Features

The SUV is characterized by strong power, off-road performance, spacious comfort and good cargo and passenger functions. It is also said that the SUV is the comfort of a luxury sedan and the nature of the off-road vehicle. The SUV is a mixed-race descendant of cars and off-road vehicles. Compared with its ancestors, SUVs are even more powerful.
The biggest feature of off-road vehicles is that they have strong passing ability and a certain cargo carrying capacity, but the sportiness and comfort are not outstanding. When these off-road vehicles are strengthened, they can be called SUVs. It has the function of off-road vehicles, and can travel in the city without losing the style. The popular point is the off-road vehicles that can be opened in the city. As the favorite model of the emerging car buyers in the city, the SUV has become the main force in the growth of the automobile market in recent years. Although the development of SUV has experienced several stages of high and low fluctuations, as an important force in the automobile market, the competition in the SUV market is not yet sufficient. Whether it is from the product itself or the development of the manufacturers to the market, the market capacity is far from reaching the limit. There is a lot of room for improvement. For a long time, the domestic SUV market has always been a two-point joint venture brand and independent brand. There are different markets between the two. The self-owned brand SUV producers are developing rapidly, and the competitive pressure is prominent. International automakers have fought in the Chinese market, new models are on the market, car prices are falling, and competition is fierce.

The SUV’s space is excellent, and you can sit in the car in both the front and the back. The front seat is very well wrapped and supportive. In addition, the storage compartment inside the car is more and more convenient for daily use. The SUV boom was first extended from the United States , not only in Europe and the United States, but also in the Asian, Japanese and Korean car manufacturers began to develop SUV models. Due to the influence of leisure car leisure travel, the SUV’s high space function and off-road capability have replaced the station wagon as the main model for leisure travel. The SUV became the most popular car at the time. According to the functionality of the SUV, it is usually divided into urban and off-road. The current SUV generally refers to those models that are based on the car platform and have a certain degree of comfort and a certain off-road performance. Thanks to the multi-combination function of the seat with MPV , it has a wide range of applications. The price of the SUV is very broad, and the common level on the road is second only to the sedan.

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